When London was capital of America

Beautifully reimagining a city that was a distant but integral part of American life... essential reading Andrea Wulf, New York Times Book Review Read More Reviews...

Georgian London gets an American makeover in this first-ever biography of the famous city as the capital of the American colonies. For colonists like Benjamin Franklin, London was the simply the most exciting place to be in the British Empire.

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Historic London Walks

Big Ben Take a walk through this city and discover Colonial America's biggest living history museum. The one-time capital of the 13 Colonies has enough Colonial landmarks to rival Boston and Philadelphia combined.

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An American Rebel in the Tower of London
The Plot to kidnap George III

New Yorker Stephen Sayre became the first American prisoner in the Tower of London when he hatched a terrorist plot to kidnap the King and save American liberties.

A Trick of the Eye
A Trick on the Eye

An 18th century painting discovered in a second-hand stall held clues to a long-forgotten crime.

An American Slave in Georgian London
An American Slave in Georgian London

For South Carolina slave Robert Scipio, a trip to London in 1771 with his master Henry Laurens would be an empowering new experience.

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